Avoid Taking Cough Medicine When You Are Sick

Cough Medicine

After a sudden change in the weather, Coughs and colds have become rampant in the UK. People started sneezing regretting playing in snow. NHS warns using cough medicine to cure cold. There is no evidence that cough medicine works and leave you feel ill for longer. NHS website’s page for chest infections advice;

“Avoid cough medicines, as there’s little evidence they work, and coughing actually helps you clear the infection more quickly by getting rid of the phlegm from your lungs.”

This means that when one is suffering from cough, he should not rush to pick up coughing syrup rather, he might recover faster without it.

NHS website has listed following symptoms and care tips for chest infection.



A persistent cough, coughing up yellow or green phlegm (thick mucus), coughing up blood, breathlessness, rapid and shallow breathing, wheezing, a high fever, a rapid heartbeat, chest pain or tightness, feeling confused and disorientated.

Care Tips

Get plenty of rest, drink lots of fluid to prevent dehydration, treat headaches and fever with painkillers, drink a warm drink of honey and lemon, raise your head up with extra pillows while you’re sleeping, use an air humidifier or inhale steam from a bowl of hot water, stop smoking.

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