Best Cheap Processors Of 2018

PCs are worthless without processors.  These chips made of silicon allows to move from point A to B  or Hardpoint Domination in Titanfall. Your computer can do without a graphics card, sure, and it doesn’t necessarily need the latest and greatest hard drive either, but a processor – oh a processor is essential. Even if you don’t plan on diving into PC gaming, there are benefits to installing a state-of-the art CPU (an abbreviation of central processing units or, you guessed it, processors).

Technology is increasing rapidly therefore competition is fierce and you’ll often find CPUs – both new and old – on sale throughout the year. We’ve scouted out the best processor deals. These include everything from the latest and greatest AMD Ryzen chips to last year’s still-impeccable Intel Kaby Lake S-series processors. We’ve even put one deal on our list pertaining to a certain component known to ‘rip threads’.

Majority of these bargains are long-term discounts, but we’ve also listed some of the best processor deals you can take advantage of this week. There’s no telling how long these discounts will hold true, however, so if anything looks especially tasty then you better bite fast. After all, the best processor deals don’t last forever.

Best processor deal this week in the US

AMD Ryzen 7 1700 now $289.99 (was $329)
You can save $40 right now on our favorite CPU of last year. It’s not the newest or shiniest, but it pairs damn well with a GTX 1080.

Best processor deal this week in the UK

Intel Core i7-7700K now £288 (was £415.99)
And for our UK readers, you can’t beat £127 off Intel’s 7th-generation flagship of 2016. It’s a spectacle to behold.

Favorite best cheap processor deals

AMD’s Ryzen Threadripper chipset has been met with critical acclaim across the board. The 1950X in particular is the top-end Ryzen Threadripper 1950X CPU featuring 16 cores of simultaneous multi-threading (SMT) along with 32 threads. Aside from offering double-to-quadruple the performance most users need, there’s extensive support for quad-channel memory, eight DIMM slots and 64 PCIe lanes you all know and love.

This processor is great for gaming, but it’s even better for workstations and video production towers, and best of all, it can be found for over 100 bucks off regularly.

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