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Freezing The Sperm Before 25 Can Help Prevent Infertility Problems For Men

Freezing The Sperm

DNA integrity and quality of semen of a man deteriorates by his mid-twenties. Very few men are aware of this fact, Nardo said. Experts believe that those who are not prepared mentally to become father soon can freeze their sperm before the age of 25.

A mail online received by Professor Luciano Nardo, a consultant gynaecologist at the Reproductive Health Group in Cheshire in the UK quoted that, “Sperm issues accounted for around 5 percent of all problems with couples he saw in 2014 but now represents 30 percent.”

A senior lecturer in genetics, Dr Kevin Smith believes that it is reasonable for males to freeze their sperm when they are around 18 in order to avoid genetic mutation. Researchers claim that western lifestyle has been affecting the sperm count of men in US, Europe and Australia adversely since the 1970s by depleting the count by more than half.

Sperm quality is adversely affected due to unhealthy diet, drinking, smoking and stress. However studies conducted before also revealed that the sperm quality gets affected by chemicals present in soap, sunscreen and plastic.

Experts have also highlighted that fertility services available for men has been lagging behind compared to the facilities available for women in the UK.

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