Kyson Cutler Proposes Mia Cotic at Christmas Wonderland

Christmas Wonderland

A perfect proposal was pulled out this weekend at Toowoomba’s Christmas Wonderland. Kyson Cutler, 20 and Mia Cotic, 19 used to date each other for only seven months and now wish to spend their lives together. Cutler organized the event with the help of his friends and ensured presence of a friend capturing the special moment.

Kyson Cutler and Mia Cotic were walking around Christmas Wonderland at Queens Park on Sunday. Miss Cotic was shocked when Cutler got down on one knee.

Mia Cotic was asked to dress nicely as she along with Cutler was going to be part of their friend’s photo assessment. she did not expected such thing to happen at all. She said;

“I was so happy, I cried. It was perfect. We were surrounded by the people closest to us. Christmas lights are my favourite so it was the best place he could have proposed.”

She further said that she wanted to get marry in Toowoomba.

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