Town Planner ‘Finally Feels Sexy’ In Female Face Mask

A town planner says that he finally feels ‘sexy’ in female masking after years of insecurity. Josef Tomsota has a girlfriend but says that any chance he gets he locks his front door, dons his face mask and bodysuit and unleashes alter ego, Emma.

Josef from Minnesota, USA, said: ‘When I am Emma I feel pretty, cute, flirty, confident, sexy and even a bit naughty. ‘I enter a sort of headspace and adopt a persona when I put a doll mask on that makes me think and act super girly. ‘I love that while wearing a mask and bodysuit nobody can see who I am and judge me. I become totally anonymous and am freed from what society expects of me as a man and a young professional.’

He added: ‘I feel very confident, happy and liberated with my doll persona. My suit and mask are a buffer between me and the real world. ‘I’m much flirtier, outgoing and exaggerated in my mannerisms. When I’m a normal guy I‘m rather introverted, calm and a quiet person.’


The town planner first came across female masking and ‘rubber dolling’ at the age of 13 while flicking through magazines in a fancy dress shop. Despite discovering masking more than a decade ago up until last October, Josef had never stepped out of his own flat wearing one of the suits. He claims the stigma surrounding the hobby and fear of losing his job and family has caused him to hold back from fully exploring his female alter-ego. Josef said: ‘I do encounter negativity. A lot of people assume I’m gay or trans but I’m not.


‘I’m a straight guy and enjoy being a guy – I just also like to experience my feminine side sometimes, which dolling allows me to do.’ Josef plans to tell his new partner about the hobby sooner rather than later, but feels he could never tell his family. He said: ‘My family, while wonderful and loving, do not know about this part of my life. I’m afraid of telling them because of how they would see me for the rest of my life.’


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