Women Committed To Crime Against Fashion Stopped By Police


This woman was stopped by police to commit crime against fashion. The police thought  she was wandering around the streets half-naked in the middle of the day.

Abbie Crawford, 25 year old, was trying to brave the cold temperature in a tiny pair of hotpants obscured by her coat. Locals in Newton-Le-Willows in Merseyside took her photos and she became viral. She revealed the trusty item of clothing is her ‘pulling shorts. She stated:

‘They’re my pulling shorts. I wear them when I crave attention – and obviously they never fail me.’

Abbie was surprised and found it ‘hilarious’ that her favourite pair of shorts, from Topshop, had got so much attention. She said: ‘I had my music in, so didn’t notice anyone saying anything or looking at me in a funny way.”

She was stunned when a friend of her showed her pictures yesterday. People stopped and starred at her believing she has gone out without underwear. She was advised by police to dress appropriately for next time.



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